• 1. Accounts

    Each player is allowed to control as many accounts as he can. Each account is entitled to be played by an account owner only, account sitting being the only exception. Account sitting entitles a given player to have his account watched over under the following regulations:

    - Admin must be informed before the sitting takes place, by opening a ticket or Private Message (PM).
    - An account may only be sat for a maximum period of 24 continuous hours (Admin's permission needs to be obtained in cases where a time extension is needed).
    Accounts exchange shall be free of charge and not more often than once in 3 months. Any charge while exchanging (selling) accounts is prohibited, and will cause a game bans on both the seller and the purchaser.

  • 2. Multi accounts

    It is allowed for any gamer to have multiple accounts, and any game-related interactions between those accounts (battles, trades, missions, etc).

  • 3. Pushing

    It is allowed for any account to obtain any profit out of a lower ranked account in a matter of resources. This includes but is not limited to:
    - Resources sent from a lower ranked account to a higher ranked one with nothing tangible in return.
    - A player crashing his fleet into a higher ranked one for the higher ranked one to keep the Debris Field, and thus profiting from it.
    - Loans that are not returned.
    - Trades in which the higher ranked player does not return the resources.

  • 4. Bashing

    It is not allowed to attack any given planet or moon owned by a player over 5 times in a single 24 hours period. Bashing is only allowed when your Alliance is at war with another Alliance. The war must be announced in the forum and both leaders must agree to the terms. The bashing rule only applies for active users and excludes misile attacks and espionage missions.

  • 5. Missile attacks

    It is not allowed to have more than 1000 missile attacks on any given planet or moon owned by a player in a single 24 hours period. Amount of missiles in each attack is not limited.

  • 6. Bug using

    Using a bug for anyones profit intentionally, or not reporting a found bug intentionally is strictly forbidden and will ead to complene or partial account wiping, or a game ban. The bugs must be reported to Admin immediately. There may be a bounty for the first reporter of any new (yet unknown) game bug.

  • 7. Languages

    The only official and supported game languages are English and Russian, any other languages are non-official. Personal messages, Alliance invitations and chats, messages on other languages on the Forum are allowed.
    Messages to and from Admin shall only be on official languages.

  • 8. Forbidden content

    Implying that you are going to locate and harm another player, is forbidden. Also mass sending messages, advertisements of foreign games/products are not allowed.

  • 9. Spam and pornographic content

    Spam and pornographic content are strictly prohibited and will lead to immediate and permanent ban.

  • 10. Rules

    Rules may be changed ovcer time, and going int effect at the time of their update on this page (even if the player was not informed about the change personally).
    Each player is entitled to periodically revisit the Rules page (this page) for any updates or changes by clicking on the "Rules" button on the left side of the game's navigation panel.
    Admin reserves the right of "the last word" of any decisions and argues that may arise.
    Any exceptions and improvements of the Rules must be negotiated with Admin in advance before taking into effect by publishing on this page.